Nick Jonas has a few things to say about Harry Styles’ acting career

Can Harry Styles actually act? Here’s what Nick Jonas reckons…

By Sammy Stewart
Harry Styles

Earlier this year we started crying tears into our coffee when it was ~kinda~ denied that Harry Styles wouldn’t be starring in Scream Queens.

Which also meant none of this:

Via Instagram/@HazStylesTrash
Via Instagram/@HazStylesTrash

But in the honest words of Justin Bieber: never say never.

Nick Jonas, a celeb who has made the ~smooth~ transition from boybander to actor, chatted with Now Magazine about whether Harry will be joining the Scream Queens family.

"I'm not sure."


He DID however have a few things to say about Harry's ~acting~ abilities, explaining, "I've heard from a few people in LA who've seen him – actors and casting directors – that he's a good actor, which is interesting."

OoOOooooh! Nick is the expert, after all.

But pls, casting directors of the world, hire Harry Styles asap because we miss him, yeah?