Nick Jonas spills on his Scream Queens character

Says his new character is a “jerk”. Seems a bit harsh…

Nick Jonas spills on his Scream Queens character

It’s no secret that we’ve been wetting ourselves with excitement over our-soon-to-be-obsessed-with show Scream Queens: not only because of its all-star cast, but because we’ll get some much needed Nick Jonas screen time swoon.

Nick has revealed a little bit about his character Nate to the Huffington Post, and well, he doesn’t exactly have good things to say about who he plays.

"I am similar to Nate in a sense in that I prefer to use my words carefully. In Scream Queens, I'm a bit more outspoken, and a touch on the sort of pr*ck side. That's the fun of being an actor, you can be a jerk sometimes," said Nick.

As long as he is 100 percent talking about the character Nate and NOT himself then we're OK with him acting like a d-bag.

The show’s creator Ryan Murphy (who's behind Glee) spoke to Entertainment Weekly about what's in store for Nick in the show.

“Nick is so great. Nick and Glen Powell play members of a golfing fraternity called the Dollar Scholars. They are preppy monsters and they are entitled kids who are on golfing scholarships and are the most popular guys on the campus,” said Ryan.

Alright, we’re sold! Let us binge-watch it already!