Is Nick Jonas’ new song is about Selena Gomez?!

He makes a reference to “Good For You” so we’re going to say yes.

Nick Jonas has dropped a brand new, ~unfinished~ track called Area Code and it’s got everyone talking.

Aside from having a brand new R&B sound that’s totally unlike anything he’s ever done before (excluding Big Rob’s rap in Burnin’ Up), literally everyone on the internet is convinced that the song is about his gorgeous ex, Selena Gomez

The song which is basically the hybrid of a Drake and Weeknd tune is about being in the suburb where your ex used to live, wondering if they're home and wanting to see them again.

Considering that Nick has dated Miley Cyrus, Delta Goodrem and Olvia Culpo, there’s a chance that it could be about any girlfriend, he’s had, right?

Nelena shippers on twitter have already complied some pretty convincing evidence that it is in fact, about Princess Selena…

To add further proof to the ~Nelena~ rumours, Nick even makes reference to Selena's epic song, "Good For You";

You say I never been good for you
You can't deny I gave it good to you.

Yep, and if you're still in denial about the whole thing, perhaps the fact that Nick "favourited" a tweet suggesting that the song was about Selena will make you a believer..


So what does Selena have to say about all of this?

According to Hollywood Life, Sel is totally cool if her ex is writing songs about her, afterall she has been known to write a tune or two about her past relationships.

“It would be hypocritical of her to slam someone for writing about their past love-life experiences considering she’s written songs directed at her former boyfriends. It’s the creative right of an artist, and Selena understands that better than anyone.”


Nick's also mentioned on SoundCloud that he needs help finishing the song, "I need someone to put a verse on this…​"

So that's pretty much an open casting call to any Nelena fans out there ready to put their fanfiction skills to the test and help Nick J release a ~FIRE~ song.