Nick Jonas has had a bit of a hissy-fit on Twitter over his music video "Close"

He just needs a nap.

By Erin Van Der Meer

Poor Nick Jonas! He was sitting at home with a big ‘ol bowl of popcorn and a supersized Mountain Dew waiting for the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards nominations to be announced, and totally thought he was going to get one for his video for Close*.

But, alas, there was nada for Nick - just a whole lot of Beyonce, Adele and Kanye West, pretty much, The Jonas bro was feeling mad emo and decided to voice his frustration on Twitter.

But THEN he decided that, you know what? Things are pretty great, actually.

What a rollercoaster!

Chin up, Nick – with Queen Bey scooping 11 nominations, there weren’t that many left for everyone else. Close was great, but it was no Lemonade. Better luck next year.

*Choice of soft drink may or may not be correct

Source: Cosmopolitan.com.au