Nicki Minaj to work with One Direction?!

Now there’s a headline we did NOT see coming.

Nicki Minaj to work with One Direction?!

We have some solid proof that celebs fangirl just like the rest of us.

We’re talking about Nicki Minaj gushing over One Direction. Can you blame her?! No-one is immune to Harry Styles’ endless charm. NO-one.

Chatting to The Sun at the BET Awards, Nicki spilled that she’d love to work with 1D.

"I do want to work with One Direction. I mean, of course, who wouldn't? They're cute," said said.

We wonder how Simon Cowell would feel about it all…

We’ll take one wild guess…

Nicki then went on to say her ultimate life goal would be to perform at Glastonbury.

“That would be a huge achievement for me. So I'm just waiting for the offer! And I can already do the British accent," Nicki revealed.

Imagine one of the boys rapping along with Nicki Minaj! And Harry's already got the whole twerking thing down pat.

This NEEDS to happen ASAP.