We’re pretty sure Nina Dobrev has a new boyfriend

And you’ll never guess who it is.

We’re pretty sure Nina Dobrev has a new boyfriend

Our fave Vampire Diaries babe Nina Dobrev has been living it up as a single lady (or so we imagine) since she split from Ian Somerhalder in 2013, but word on the grapevine slash ze internet is that she’s loved up with a new bae.

Er, who is this mystery man, you ask? Apparently some dude called Austin Stowell.

Er, who is this mystery man, we hear you ask again. (Truth be told, we didn’t know who he was either). Turns out he’s an actor who played Jesse in The Secret Life Of The American Teenager and what we can confirm is that he’s a total babe.

See? We weren’t lying.

According to Hollywood Life, Nina and Austin were seen getting steamy at the Shoebox Hallmark event.

"They stayed for the first comic and kissed three times while the performance happened," spilled the source.


Nina also shared this on her Insta account last month, so you know what means? They’re practically offish. Or just really good friends, who knows?

We just thank Nina for introducing us to this man-God.

Happy Fri-yay!