Miley Cyrus’ little sis Noah is SO OLD NOW

Well, 15 to be exact but boy has she grown up…

We could’ve sworn it was only yesterday that Miley was sharing cute family photos of the Cyrus family.

Exhibit A:

But somewhere in-between those cute family snaps and now, Noah Cyrus has grown up without us even knowing and she now looks a helluva lot like Miley (slash Kylie Jenner, right?).

The now 15 year old went to Kylie Jenner’s b’day bash at Bootsy Bellows and ‘grammed about the event. AS IF YOU WOULDN’T.

“We literally dont care one bit (: isnt that right ken?@kennywinnaman," Noah wrote on Insta.

Hold up, is that a septum piercing?!

Young Hollywood, plz stop growing up so fast, we be feeling ooooold.