Noah Cyrus makes a shocking announcement about Miley and Liam's wedding

If there even IS a wedding anymore...

By Bianca Mastroianni

It feels like it's been ten million years since Miley and Liam first started dating ('coz it basically has been), so WHEN THE HECK are they going to get married and become Mr. and Mrs. Hemsworth?!

Well, #Miam shippers look away, 'coz it's either not going to be for a loooooong while, or NOT HAPPEN AT ALL.

Liam and Miley have been so tight-lipped about the situation, so leave it to lil' sis Noah Cyrus to spill the beans.

Chatting to Life & Style, Noah revealed that, "There’s not any planning [going on] right now."


As for what kind of bride Miley will make, she admitted she'll be, "Pretty chill, I’m sure. Miley’s a pretty chill person."

^^ Definition of chill, really.

No plans may be happening right now, but it doesn't mean that Liam and Miley aren't any less in love.

Noah even admitted the cutest thing about Liam, saying, "I love Liam. He’s been in the family for a really long time, so he’s like a big brother to me."

Too freaking cute.