TBT to the time One Direction were almost arrested on the set of the WMYB video

Almost didn't even happen.

By Sammy Stewart

It's been FIVE years since One Direction released their What Makes You Beautiful music video and WHAT A CRAZY ROLLER-COASTER THIS LIFE HAS BEEN.

Funnily enough, it's also the fifth anniversary of that time One Direction almost went to jail.

John Urbano, the director of What Makes You Beautiful, has revealed after all these years that the video ~almost~ didn't even happen.

Annnnd it was pretty much Louis' fault.

During the opening scene when fetus Louis is driving the lads in the combie, he kept getting pulled over by the California Highway Patrol, John revealed.

"The cops were saying 'Hold on,' and I'm telling them to go," John told Fuse.tv. "Then we p**d the cops off."

During this time, 1D were still pretty unknown outside of the UK, so the coppers had no idea who these British teens with good hair were.

John added: "Literally, they came up and they were screaming at us and they walked away and we all laughed inside the car."

As it turns out, Louis was actually driving way too slow and ~almost~ got the boys in BIG trouble.

"I was like, 'Look guys, we have to pay attention to them because if they shut us down, we can't use the highway'," John explained.

Imagine that tho; if the boys didn't end up making that video they may not have been as HUGE as they are today.