One Direction ended the hiatus for 10 minutes to celebrate #6yearsof1D

And the fandom officially lost it.

By Sammy Stewart

Over the weekend, something truly ・°☆MaGiCaL☆・happened, and it got us feeling a lot of things.

One Direction - remember them? - celebrated their SIX-YEAR ANNIVERSARY and tbh it was an emotional 24 hours on the internet. Since the hiatus started in November 2015, there have only been TWO reported reunions:

Louis and Liam at the BRIT awards in February...

And Niall and Louis' epic soccer match in June:

And none for Harry Styles.

However, with approximately 2 hours and 5 minutes remaining of the anniversary party, film actor Harry Styles broke his silence (and the fandom) with this glorious tweet:

A few minutes later, Louis joined in with an emotional video message that even seemed to pull on the heartstrings of US eatery Applebee's.

Same, Applebee's.

Eventually Niall got involved...

And last but not least a VERY late Liam Payne tweeted THIS: