Zedd reckons One Direction’s “Drag Me Down” is a rip off of his song

Just your daily 1D drama update.

Here we go…

Music producer and former bae of Selena Gomez’s Zedd has pretty much accused One Direction of ripping off his song.

‘Coz apparently we really needed another One Direction drama to top off the most intense week of our lives.


Zedd posted a video to his instagram along with the shocked “:O” face emoji as he played a clip from his song “True Colours” and then the opening life from 1D’s “Drag Me Down” see above.

None of 1D have replied to the accusation, but this isn’t the first time they’d been accused of copying other musicans.

opens up 1D drama folder

Back in 2013 the boys’ “Midnight Memories” was said to be a copy of “Def Leppards’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me” and who could ever forget when 1D’s You and I video was actually taken off VEVO for a short while because Clubfeet thought it was too similar to theirs.

Well, although we here at the DOLLY office are #Directioners4LYF, we wanted to listen to Zedd’s song to see four ourselves.

The verdict? The only similarly is literally that five second snippet he showed in the video. Other than that, the song has a completely different sound.

Click ~here~ to see for yourself.

Do you think it sounds similar?