One Direction on fame, girls and fails

The DOLLY cover stars chat exclusively about why they can’t be friends with girls now they’re famous.

In the best news we’ve had since, well, EVER, we were asked if we’d like to interview the boys from One Direction! And after we collectively fainted from excited, features ed Jess was lucky enough to sit down the all five members from 1D on their recent trip to Oz.

In the video, Jess asked Harry and Niall if it was frustrating when they’re rumoured to be dating girls who they’ve been photographed with (i.e. ALL of the time).

”Yeah, it can be frustrating at times – we can’t really have friends who are girls if I’m being honest… but you know people have a job to do,” explained Niall.

Speaking of girls, Jess asked the boys what they thought of their Aussie fans.

“Every time we’ve been to Australia, fans have never failed to surprise us. They have just been incredible every time,” said Harry.

AS IF we needed a reason to love him even more!

Asking why the boys love visiting down under, Liam revealed: “This place is more chilled out than any other place on earth. This is a strong surfing culture which, well, we love to surf. It’s just a nice chilled out vibe.”

So next time the boys come back to Australia, keep your eyes peeled at the beach in case one of the boys makes an impromptu surfing trip!

Liam and Louis also chatted about why their latest album, Four (which we’ve had on repeat at DOLLY HQ) is so special to them.

“Lyrically we always try and be as relatable as possible and write about our experiences. Hopefully they’ll be able to relate to what we’re saying and feel the same as what we felt writing it,” said Louis.

Rest assured, Louis, that we feel all of the feels when we listen to the album.

Liam elaborated: “This album is a lot more personal, there are songs about a lot of different things. There’s one song about me and my girlfriend that somebody else wrote. It is a lot more personal and we had a big input on this.”

Be still our beating heart!

Do yourself a favour and watch the boys in all of their perfectness.

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