Harry Styles responds to rumours that “Perfect” is about Taylor Swift

Plus your first look at their new music video!

Over the weekend One Direction released their ~amazing~ new single Perfect and it basically was what we Directioners needed after such a stressful year (Zayn, babies, World War Zouis, broken feet, etc.)

In particular, Perfect seems to be the first song 1D have written that directly addresses Harry Styles’ relationship with Taylor Swift, especially considering the lyrics “if you're looking for someone to write your break up songs baby I’m perfect”…


During an interview with Smallzy's Surgery, Harry and Louis were asked about the rumours surrounding the song’s ~subject~ and their answers kindaconfirmed our Haylor suspicions.

“Yeah, I think you always write about your own experiences and that's where the inspiration comes from no matter how loose that might be”, Louis explained.

While Harry explained that some of the events in the song may be exaggerated and that it’s all got to do with people’s interpretation.

"It doesn't always have to be an exact story, but I don't think you necessarily change the story. You maybe elaborate a tiny bit, but then not everything's so obvious as 'this is what happened' and 'this is what happened,' you know? You obviously write with lots of different ways and things can be taken in different ways."

He added: "People take songs and three different people can think that it means three completely different things, so to be honest it translates to whoever just based on...what they take from it. 'Perfect' is, for sure, a love song but it's quite a spontaneous love song in that it's not one about thinking through too much and being like 'hey, I wanna be with you for the rest of my life.' It's like 'well, this could be fun.'"

Hmm...is this perhaps Harry’s way of telling his side of the story? Considering most of Tay’s 1989 album is about the Harold, we’re going to say yes.

Meanwhile 1D’s photographer Cal Aurand has released a few sneak peak photos of the boys’ music video and it’s looking pretty amazing.

We’re assuming the theme of hotel rooms will play a central role in the video judging by these oh-so-cinematic shots.

The music video for “Perfect” will be directed by Sophie Muller who’s worked with No Doubt, Ellie Goulding and Lana Del Rey.