17 things One Direction will do during the hiatus

This is what One Direction might do during their hiatus.

  1. Louis will be organising play groups for his TomlinBebz.

  1. Harry will be gearing up for his one-man-stand-up comedy show titled, “Chats and stuff.”

  1. Niall will finally represent Ireland in Golf.

  1. Liam will open up a nightclub in London.

  1. Harry will be focusing on growing his hair down this his #goals length.

  1. All the boys will venture into the woods and grow beards.

  1. Harry is going to become an lumberjack.

  1. Harry Styles will become a dolphin trainer.

  1. Niall will willingly volunteer as tribute to be 5SOS roadie.

  1. Niall will also take charge of 5SOS' social media, merchandise designs and become their tour manager/mascot.

  1. Harry will start up a dance school in Cheshire.

  1. Louis will wear one of these:

  1. Liam will invent an app, like facebook, but for dogs.

  1. Louis and Harry will go to the Maldives.cough

  1. Niall and Liam will join them for that #LADs holiday.

  1. Louis will launch his own cold-pressed juice company titled, “Louis’ Dewy”

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