One Direction’s new “Perfect” music video is HERE

Check out Harry's subtle nod to Taylor Swift's "Style" video.


One Direction’s new feeling-inducing music video for Perfect has landed and it’s everything we’ve been waiting for. AND SOME.

The entire vid shot in black and white features the boys doing their thang in a hotel room at the Intercontinental in New York.

There is so much going we just need to stop for air for a moment.

Firstly, there’s Harry giving us so many Heath Ledger 10 Thing I hate About You feels we literally can’t.

Then there’s Louis throwing things at Liam and kicking footballs in a hotel lobby cos’ Louis.

Liam gets more ink and looks into the camera a few times and destroys our soul.

And Niall walks up the hotel lobby and does this adorable dance move we can’t explain.

Oh, and before you watch it, pay extra attention at the 2:40 mark, because it looks very similar to a certain Taylor Swift music video…

A subtle message to Tay perhaps?

Check out the perfection for yourself and let us know what you think!