Our fave TV couples that ACTUALLY happened in real life

Our obsession becomes next level.

We can ALL admit to living our lives deeply through our fave TV couples. TBH, we're just a touch obsessed, from Chuck and Blair’s whirlwind romance to the ever growing Stelena vs. Delena debate. On-screen relationships make us dream that one day we all can have our own epic love story! BUT to make things greater, the chemistry between some of our fave on-screen lovers actually existed off camera too. Here’s a few of our ol’ fave TV couples whose romances were a reality:

1. Seth and Summer - *The OC*

No joke! Our all-time fave TV couple did date IRL! Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) and Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson) dated for three years back in The OC days. The break-up was obvs heartbreaking for us all at the time, but they both ended up doing great things. I mean, Adam is married to THE Queen B (as in Blair Waldorf as in Leighton Meester) and they are expecting a bub! OC/Gossip Girl crossover reunion episode anyone?!?!

2. Lucas and Brooke - *One Tree Hill*

Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush AKA Lucas and Brooke were actually together off-screen as well as on. Their love on the screen was no lie, as they got married in 2005 IRL. But just like their on-screen counterparts, these two weren’t destined to be and split up that year. Major sad face!

3. Rory and Jess - *Gilmore Girls*

Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimigila, or Rory and Jess as we all know them, made their on-screen relationship last far beyond the small town of Stars Hollow. They dated from when the show first began but sadly broke up four years later.

4. Emily and Daniel - *Revenge*

The deception of their on-screen relationship was clearly far from what their off-screen romance was like. Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman have been going strong since 2011 and we hope it’s their happy ever after!

5. Dan and Serena - *Gossip Girl*

Our fave on-off relationship, Lonely Boy and S, (aka Penn and Blake) dated for three years whilst filming the show. Our hearts ached over their break up in 2010 but we have since found that it was for the best, because now S has become Mrs Ryan Reynolds - and we’re SOOO okay with that! Their newborn is going to be one genetically blessed girl.

6. Damon and Elena - *The Vampire Diaries*

Although the Stelena vs. Delena debate still continues on the show, off-screen, Delena ultimately took out the battle. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev dated for two years whilst playing the on-screen couple we all know and love. The couple split in 2013, but we vow to never forget #Stelena. Or #Delena.

7. Marley and Ryder - *Glee*

Even though Marley chose Jake on the show, off-screen her heart truly belonged to Ryder, aka Blake. The two have been together since 2012 and are now actually engaged. Yet another Glee romance we die over!

8. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher - *That 70’s Show*

This list would not be complete without special mention to the ULTIMATE on and off screen couple - Mr and Mrs Kutcher! It onlyyyyy took six years after the final episode of That 70’s Show for Kelso and Jackie to end up together. C’mon Ashton… but we are so happy they did!

Words: Naseem Vahdani.