So this celebrity was pretty rude to Liam Payne...

MAJOR cringe.

By Jessica Lynch

If we were ever lucky enough to be graced with Liam Payne’s presence we’re pretty sure we’d be fangirling so hard that we’d probs forget our own name, but apparently the feeling’s not mutual for fellow celeb Sean Diddy Combs.

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Speaking to KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show, the ‘Strip That Down’ singer revelled that the totally awks moment went down at a Hollywood bash where Paynos introduced himself to the larger-than-life rapper.

"I went over to speak to him and Jay Z, and as I shook his hand, he just chuckled... the most evil laugh that I've ever heard," he said, adding, "So I'm a little bit fearful of that man."

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“It was like the most daunting celebrity experience that you could ever imagine,“ he spilled. "I thought P. Diddy was a safe bet. Obviously I missed the mark a little bit."

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Poor Liam! We promise not to laugh in his face if he were ever to meet us…