People are hating on Bella and Gigi's mum big-time because of THIS throwback photo

Ugh, just let her live.

By Amber Manto

Being the proud mumma bear that she is, Yolanda, aka Bella and Gigi's mum, shared this cute pic on Instagram of her two lil angels.

"17 years after I photographed my "ANGELS" Today is the day that they will be walking in the fashion show together," she wrote.

CA-UTE! (and embarrassing, like mum plz)

In case you've been living under the rock, this is the show she was talking about...

Yup, the Victoria's Secret fashion parade, aka THE BIGGEST FASHION SHOW IN THE WORLD.

Anyways, people online were NAGHT happy with Yolanda for putting up a pic of the girls nekkid, even though they were just lil bubbas.

Cue: the mean comments. People said it was "weird" and "inappropriate". One even wrote: "This picture is a sweet and beautiful family pic but not appropriate for social media."

Mumma Hadid was not standing for any of that nonsense though and so fired back: "Anybody who sexualises a innocent picture of 3 & 4 year old babies in angel wings has a serious problem in my opinion and should immediately unfollow me!"

She then disabled the comments on that pic and went on living her lyf. YOU TELL EM, MAMMA!