Perrie Edwards was accused of Photoshopping and she was NOT having it


By Jessica Lynch

We love Perrie Edwards.

Not because she once unintentionally shut down a Little Mix performance that was streaming live ‘cos she accidentally dropped the F-bomb, or ‘cos she DGAF about her flaws and proudly shows off her stomach scar.

It’s mostly because when someone calls her out, she has absolutely none of it and hits back with a vengeance.

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Case in point: On a recent trip to the picturesque St. Lucia with her BF Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, the Mixer uploaded a cheeky (geddit?) snap on a swing from behind.

“My boys got views,” she captioned the ~bootylicious~ pic.

And while the vacay snap was all in a bit of fun, it didn’t stop some Neg Ryans coming for her ‘gram to accuse the bubbly blonde of Photoshopping her pic.

However, Perrie shut that shiz down F-A-S-T, and posted a video on the swing showing off her butt in all it’s unedited, bodacious glory. Not that she should even have to, but we love some sweet justice

Slay, Pez, slay.

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