Perrie Edwards is in big trouble over this on-stage stunt

The Little Mixer had a bit of a slip-up during their latest performance....

By Jessica Lynch

We’re all guilty of a slip of the tongue every once in a while, and that includes major celebs like Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards!

Performing for Radio One’s Big Weekend, the girls were performing their hit ‘Down and Dirty’ when Perrie dropped the F-bomb and shouted “F* that, get down and dirty!”

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The gaffe lead to the performance’s live broadcast to be cut, while host Matt Edmondson was forced to issue an apology for the singer’s bad language.

“So…apologies there, sincere apologies for any bad language you might have heard,” he said, adding, “Obviously that was not intended to go out on the radio.”

Fans, however, weren’t impressed with the starlets being cut-off, taking to Twitter to blast the BBC.

“Wow so perrie swore! Big whoopee do! Why are people making such a big deal out of it? Just pathetic” one Mixer wrote.

“As if @BBCR1 just ended the little mix live stream because Perrie swore. Pathetic! Loads of fans are now gutted, including me!@LittleMix,” fumed another.

Meanwhile, others saw the funnier side of the cheeky singer’s slip-up.

“I loved how Perrie just swore and yeah i know they have done it for 6 years”

Oh Perrie, never change.

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