Perrie Edwards has a new boyfriend and you'd never guess who he is

No, it's not Luke Pasqualino.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Just because Perrie Edwards has been ranting and raving about her ex-fiance Zayn in all her new music, it doesn't mean she isn't totally over him.

While everyone's been thinking she has been pining over Zayn, she's just been cashing in on their relationship (with the greatest tunes ever), and finding real love on the side.

No, we aren't talking about her recent fling with Luke Pasqualino... we're talking Arsenal footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain .

Hey bae.

Sources close to the pair say, "It's definitely official, the pair are the talk of the locker room since Perrie came to a game back in early November.

"Alex wanted to keep on the down-low as he isn't one for showbiz parties or being in the public eye.

"It's very early days but Alex is very keen on Perrie - and he is known as the nice guy of the team - very different from her usual types".

Perrie was recently spotted watching him play in his personal box at the Emirates Stadium, and have apparently been on many secret dates, according to The Sun.

Another source said, "It's very early days between Perrie and Alex.

"There's certainly some chemistry there and they've enjoyed spending time together.

"Both are keen to keep the relationship on the down low, they don't follow each other on social media as they know a connection might give the game away."

Well, we think it's already been given away now...