Perrie thinks Zayn’s reality TV show would make him look sad and lonely

More Zerrie drama

ICYMI, word on the web last week was that Zayn could have his very own reality TV show one day. That’s the same 'one day' he releases new music, so we’ll believe it when we see it (like literally when it’s on our screens and in our ears).

And because the internet just lurrrves to speculate, 'sources' are claiming Perrie Edwards isn't a fan of Keeping Up With Zayn Malik (working title made up by us) already, and thinks that it will make him look “lonely and desperate”.

According to HollywoodLife a source revealed; “She thinks he's just confused and desperate to fit in with the LA scene. Back in London, Zayn always complained about the paparazzi following him around. He always talked about his lack of privacy and how he wished he could just walk down the street with out being harassed.”

We gotta admit, it kinda makes sense. But we're still not convinced there's any truth to it.

Perrie has been killin’ lately and kicking all kinds of career goals, like the upcoming Little Mix collab with Jason Derulo (know all the words already) and making Jackie O cry (lolz). So we wonder if she really has time to worry about what Zayn’s up to these days?!

Our guess is no.

Words: Elisa Parry