Preggerz Cheryl is living separately from Liam Payne

Is there trouble?!

By Bianca Mastroianni
Pregnant Cheryl living apart from Liam Payne

In case you forgot, Liam Payne is having a baby with his girlfriend Cheryl.

Although neither of the two have officially confirmed it, this rare appearance they made together in November was all the proof we needed.


But, unfortunately for them... they aren't currently living together. Not ideal when you're about to pop out a child, don't you think??

Don't start jumping to conclusions though, they haven't broken up (yep, love is still alive in 2017). Liam is just busy finally recording solo music in L.A, and didn't think all the travelling would be good for pregnant Cheryl.

A source told Hollywood Life, that "It was difficult, but they decided that Cheryl should stay at home as all that traveling would have been too much with her being pregnant."

“It is not expected that their baby will be born for a while, so, they are both relaxed about it. They obviously miss one another but Cheryl trusts Liam and knows that it is important for him to complete his new music.

“Cheryl gave him ‘a pass’ to go solo to Los Angeles. The pair has decided to be very private about having their first child together as they want to keep things as low-key as possible.”

Liam was just spotted in LAX airport where he's rumoured to be recording new music with his brand new record label Republic Records.

GAH! New Liam music and child coming soon? How can we cope with all this Payno juice?!