Marlene King FINALLY revealed how the mums of 'Pretty Little Liars' escaped the basement

And it's pretty wild!

By Jessica Lynch

Good news everyone!

The biggest mystery of Pretty Little Liars that plagued us through the entire final season has FINALLY answered – yes, Marlene King has finally revealed how the eff the mums got out of the basement.

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While the mums alluded to “the time they were locked in the basement” in the finale, we never got a straight answer as to how exactly they managed to escape – and clearly it wasn’t only us who felt cheated about it.

Desperate for an answer once and for all, Shay Mitchell](http://www.dolly.com.au/lifestyle/shay-mitchell-just-dropped-a-major-spoiler-about-the-pll-finale-14750|target=”_blank”) paid a visit to the PLL museum at Warner Bros. Studios and visited Marlene King to get her to spill the beans. And spill she did!

“They were in there a long time, and they had to probably climb on top of each other,” Marlene revealed on Instagram story. “And then, since it was Pam [Fields] who didn’t drink for a year, she probably had to take her clothes off and put oil on her and they slid her out of the window.”

Mystery = solved.

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