The 'Pretty Little Liars' finale JUST aired and this is what fans had to say about it..

The Twitterverse did not hold back...

By Jessica Lynch

Major spoilers below, guys! If you haven’t watched the final episode and don’t wanna know what happened – then don’t read the below, OK?

The day has finally come. Get ready to crack open a box of Kleenex, ‘cos the Pretty Little Liars finale is gonna give you all the feels.

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Yep - the last-ever episode finally aired, and with that came the long awaited reveal of who the eff ‘A.D.’ was – and jeeeeez, was that a ~twist~ and a half!

But like most final episodes of a much-beloved TV show, there were mixed reviews across social media, with many praising showrunner I. Marlene King for answering our burning questions, while others reckon the story line was way too rushed and confusing.

Basically, the Twitterverse ~exploded~ with reactions – both good and bad. Check ‘em out below…