20 times the Pretty Little Liars' storylines couldn’t even

We look at the show’s most ridic plot holes to date.

1. When poor Emily was put under hypnosis so she could be convinced that she murdered Ali with a shovel. Riiiiight.

2. How Mike Montgomery ~mysteriously~ vanished and when he returned he hooked up with Mona and randomly stole her blood and kept it in a tree, like all GOOD boyfriends do. Oh and whadya know, now he's disappeared again.

3. When A decided it’d be amaze to replace the tiny baby Jesus doll with one of Mona. shudders

4. The time Jenna legit was going to make her fam think her stepbro Toby was forcing himself on her, so she could blackmail him into sleeping with her. Ewwwww. #GoAwayJenna

5. The time Toby was styled in a durag and it inspired a whole Tumblr.

6. That whole schmozzle with Mrs. Grunwald. You know, the sorority mum who randomly has a ~HiDDeN~ panic room. Remember how she found Ali in a ditch and basically stored her in the panic room? Yeah, all of it’s pretty rando but why would a uni house even have space for an add-on like a panic room. #WeNeedAnswers.

7. That one time Hanna found a message from A, IN HER FREAKING TOOTH. #NoChill

8. When ~A~ went to the trouble of putting messages in fortune cookies. Like HOW?

9. This skirt:

10. When A microchipped the girls as if they were cats.

11. How Paige legit tried to drown Emily, just because she was better swimmer than her. we out

12. That time A drove a car in to Emily’s house. Like, can you not.

13. Sarah Harvey. Nuff said.

14. When A thought it would be LOL to swap Emily’s muscle cream with steroid cream. Srsly. NOPE.

15. How Ali used to hold her breath for ridic amounts of time to blackmail her parents. #LolCute

16. When Byron’s girlfriend Meredith actually tried to poison Aria.

17. When someone put a snake in Spencer’s changing room.

18. The fact that the girls were actually kidnapped, in their own hometown, and missing for months.

19. When the girls used an ouja board to contact Ali from the dead, even though she wasn’t actually dead.

20. How it's totally the norm to fake your own death in Rosewood.

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