This Disney star just revealed that he once made out with Kim Kardashian

And he has the pics to prove it!

By Jessica Lynch

We already know Raviv Ullman for his role as Phil Diffy in Disney’s Phil of the Future, but we had no idea (‘til now) that he once pashed on with Kim Kardashain!

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Sharing a throwback on his ‘gram for a pilot for TV show in which he played a ‘douchey MTV VJ,’ the former Disney kid can be seen giving the reality TV babe a big ol’ peck on the lips.

“As the world burns, here's an insane throwback from 2007 where I played a douchey VJ with awful sideburns for MTV and @KimKardashian played my girlfriend, Ellie Kemper played my boss and Adam Pally was hilarious in it. The s--- you find on hard drives,” he said before adding the cheeky tag #kanyegotmysloppyseconds.

And while the snaps were all in good fun, we can’t help but wonder if Kanye West wasn't too chuffed over the snaps, since Raviv has since deleting the pics from his Insta...

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