Rihanna is NOT happy about Drake now dating Jennifer Lopez

And she's made it pretty obvious.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Rihanna unfollows Jennifer Lopez after dating Drake

In case you freakin' missed it, Drake is now officially dating Jennifer Lopez.


They BOTH made it official on their Instagram pages, and it's safe to say we're all pretty shook.

This comes shortly after it was rumoured that Drake and Taylor Swift were dating, but we guess that really was just a music collab thing.

So how do we think Rihanna, Drake's ex-girlfriend is feeling about this entire sitch?

Not great.

Apparently, Rihanna has now unfollowed Rihanna on Instagram. In 2016, that's a pretty bold way of saying "up yours", don't ya think?

Poor RiRi. She wasn't all happy when the Taylor rumours were flying around either. We don't think she's really over Drake, but TBH him and J.Lo look so happy it hurts.

#DrayLo !