Rita Ora shares ridiculous Harry Styles #throwback

Thank you, Rita.

Rita Ora and Harry Styles go waaaay back so it’s no wonder she’s got some proper ridic pics of our favourite heartthrob on her phone (like, can you imagine the sort of material you have of your mates…).

She posted this uh-mazing throwback pic of Harry Styles on her Instagram, proving they’re just as daft as us. #friendshipgoals

Well, maybe even more so, as Harry has only gone and stuck hot chips up his nose.

We have zero idea what the 3D glasses are all about, or whether he then ate said chips (gross), but the fries in the facial region are providing the lolz either way.

Rita captioned her pic: "#TBT to when hazza had chips in his nose....@harrystyles I just found this on my old phone! I'm dying".

Yup, us too…