Lili Reinhart had the best reaction to being recognised by a fan

She's adorable <3

By Jessica Lynch

We can totally imagine how exhausting it would get being a celeb and recognised legit everywhere.

Like, imagine heading down to the shops in your old AF trackies and no makeup only to get bombarded with “OMG-ARE-YOU-THAT-GIRL-FROM-THAT-SHOW-PLS-GIMME-A-SELFIE?!”

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It’d would be annoying AF.

So when celebs occasionally get peeved at non-stop fan attention, we can kinda see where they’re coming from.

Fortunately, that’s totally not the case with Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart!

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The bubbly blonde, who plays the adorable Betty on the hit show, revealed a ~hilar~ series of selfies on her Instagram story that detailed her super cute run-in with a fan at the DMV (basically the RTA for the US).

“Girl at the DMV says– ‘Do you watch the show Riverdale? You look just like the girl on there,’” she captioned her first snap, while wearing her trademark Betty ponytail.

She then wrote on a snap of herself feigning excitement, “I said, ‘I do?? Omg thank you so much!’”

It seems the 20-year-old couldn’t keep up the charade, owning up that she actually was, in fact, Betty!

“jk I said "yup that’s me.”

Oh Lili, you prankster, you...