Rowan Blanchard is quitting social media and the reason is upsetting as hell

Not cool guyssss.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Another day, another social media troll spreading rumours with absolutely no basis.

This time the rumours are directed at Girl Meets World star Rowan Blanchard, and we can't even right now because she is seriously adorable.

Words have been spreading on Twitter that her and her cast mates, mainly Sabrina Carpenter, are ~fEudiNg~ and have a fake relationship - which would bloody hurt us too if that was said about our BFFs.

These lies have stemmed from the fact they're filming their last season, so that clearly means it's ending because of fights. Yeah nahhhh...

Hearing this little bean was crying IRL over the rumours is devastating. Let a girl live.

At the end of the note, she signed off with: "I am going to delete the Twitter app from my phone and probably binge-watch Twin Peaks."

See what you've brought the girl to? A dancing dwarf.