Ruby Rose has one more thing to say about that Khloé Kardashian vs Chloë Grace Moretz feud


By Amber Manto

The fire that was the Kim and Tay drama has far from burnt out. Earlier this week, after the video was released, Chloë Grace Moretz and Khloé Kardashian chose their corners and got into their own raging Twitter war.

Ruby Rose was quick to defend Chloë with a C, after Khloé with a K went a little too far with one of her posts:

Everyone braced themselves for a fierce backlash from Khlo but it never came – there was just silence. When the internet asked what the heck happened and where drama round 2 was, she released a post to say they simply sorted out their differences off social media.

WOAH, how grown up of them (and how utterly non-entertaining for us).

Massive respect, much kudos and all that ladies.