The love triangle between Ryan McCartan, Dove Cameron and Tom Doherty just went to the next level

The 'L' word is being thrown around EVERYWHERE!

By Bianca Mastroianni
Ryan McCartan still loves Dove Cameron, but she loves Tom Doherty

Dove Cameron shocked fans when she recently revealed that her ex-fiance of four years, Ryan McCartan was "terrible" to her during their relationship.

But she's not bitter! Instead, Dove has moved on with her 'Descendants 2' co-star Tom Doherty, who has been spoiling her rotten since they went public.

The two seem absolutely inseparable together, and now it seems like Dove has admitted her undying love. A Twitter user just tweeted to Tom, revealing that she loves his character Sean from 'The Lodge', in which Dove replied with "same".

That's one heck of a modern day love confession, isn't it!

But the timing is really, really inconvenient for her ex, Ryan. No matter that he defended himself over Dove's "terrible" accusations, he has admitted to a fan that he still loves her.

While promoting his new song "Everything", a fan commented that he should still love Dove.

"U should luv Dove. Still shipping," she wrote... in which he replied with this:

"I do, sweetheart. Sometimes things just aren't meant to be."

Ouch, our hearts.

The lyrics of his new song seem like they're directed at getting back together with Dove, especially with lines like: "Baby I, I never told you What you meant to me Baby I, I never had to Because you'd still ride with me We could ride together again".

Damn. Tom Doherty, keep yo' girl close!