Sabrina Carpenter shuts down a drama-stirring hater

Get 'em, girl!

Sabrina Carpenter shuts down a drama-stirring hater

Sabrina Carpenter is known for using social media as a way to directly connect with her fans.

She's often taking to Twitter to dish some wisdom, tell a few jokes, and simply let the world in her thoughts.

But someone took it upon herself to turn this positive space into a negative one and a fake DM was circulating about the starlet that didn't paint her in the best light.

Sabrina isn't really known for chiming in and sharing her opinions on more controversial topics, whether it be about the recent immigration ban or even speaking out on why Girl Meets World shouldn't have been cancelled.

In the message that was supposedly from Sabrina, she is telling this Twitter user to simply leave her alone because all that matters to her is her music and nothing else, such as the major issues going on in the United States at the moment that have come about since the new President, Donald Trump, has taken office.

But Sabrina wasn't going to let this person get away with spreading such lies, so she called the tweet out and basically shut down this hater.


There are so many majorly important things going on the world at this very moment and taking to social media to cyberbully anyone is never the answer.

Just because Sabrina might not be super vocal about certain issues, that doesn't meant she is disconnected from the harsh realities of the world or doesn't care.

Her Girl Meets World co-star Rowan Blanchard — who is a very vocal activist — even retweeted Sabrina's ever-so-classy response in a show of support for her friend.

The 'Smoke and Fire' songstress sent a follow-up tweet, thanking those fans who are nothing but positive little rays of sunshine in her life for their constant love and support.

Making sure social media stays a safe place is key and Sabrina is just doing her part to help take things in that direction. That is commendable right there.

This story originally appeared on m-magazine.com.
Written by: Jennifer Maldonado.