Sabrina Carpenter threw shade at Jake Paul and fans are loving it

Don't mess with Sabrina!

Fans of Sabrina Carpenter were left devastated when she was forced to call off her De-Tour Tour show in the middle of her set at Hershey Park Stadium due to wild weather, and many believe that Jake Paul is partly to blame.

Taking to Twitter, the Disney darling apologised for cutting the show short, while hinting to fans that Jake had in fact gone overtime, essentially cutting into Sab’s performance.

“Hershey I’m heartbroken,” she wrote. “With this weather it’s not safe to be around all that equipment. It isn’t fair to you. Plz stay safe and go inside.”

“Didn’t know it was the end of show,” she added. “Thought it was a break. weather too severe. i’m so so so sorry … i love you I’ll be back I promise.”

After one fan replied, “Should’ve cut Jake Paul‘s set to make more time for yours,” Sabrina replied a simple, “Everyone was asked to cut their sets for time. some ppl did. some ppl did not.”

Upon discovering this info, Sabrina’s fans are majorly peeved and have taken to Twitter to join the major shade-fest against Jake, with some even claiming he sang the same song multiple times during his set.