A "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" reboot is very much on the cards

And the original cast is keen.

Seem everything old is new again lately with remakes happening all over the place - Dirty Dancing, The Little Mermaid, Gilmore Girls and Full House to name a few.

And now we might be able to add Sabrina the Teenage Witch to that list with Melissa Joan Hart (who played Sabrina) admitting that she’s definitely in talks with bigwig TV bosses about bringing the show back.

“They’re throwing around Clarrisa [Clarrisa Explains All is an earlier show she did] and Sabrina ideas but depends on who’s gonna give us rights, who’s going to do it, how's it going to be done - there’s a lot of politics,” Melissa explained to the hosts of The FabLife.*

STILL - EXCITED MUCH?! More Harvey, More Salem, ugh ugh!!!

However, Melissa later backtracked on Instagram: “The question I get the most these days... Will there be a reboot of Clarissa or Sabrina? Not right now but never say never. Sorry to be so vague!”

Nope not gonna believe it. This was probs her just covering her tracks cos she let the cat out of the bag a bit early.

Don't crush our hopes MJH, we are counting on at least one more ~magical~ season of Sabrina thank you very much. XX

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