This 'Hunger Games' star has something to say about the brutal photo-shopping done on this pic

Semi-offended, semi-impressed.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Sam Claflin responds to the epic photoshop of him with abs

Usually, when celebs are photoshopped they are super unimpressed.

Demi Lovato even got mad at a fan who drew her slightly skinnier, as a mermaid.

But this time, it's Hunger Games star Sam Claflin who's fallen victim to the magic of Photoshop, but he ain't so upset about it.

Actually, he's kind of grateful and even impressed. He posted the manip on his own Instagram, giving a #shoutout to three important people: the man who has the real abs, the photoshopper who got his head to fit soooo perfectly onto the hot bod, and us fans who believed this was really, his hot bod.

“Right now, I’m enjoying my work, and being a Dad for the first time, and it’s getting way too close to Christmas for me to spend any free time I DO have in the gym,” he wrote. “But bless you."

Look, we aren't sure that THIS is a dad bod...

...but either way, isn't he such a babe?

No Photoshop #required.