#SaveNiallHoran is now trending and you're gonna feel bad for laughing about it


By Bianca Mastroianni

So the internet was taken by storm when legit everybody thought YouTuber Marina Joyce was kidnapped/being abused/part of a terrorism act thanks to her WERID-AS-HELL videos...

But as it turned out, she was fine. Possibly a major publicity stunt to get more followers, but anyways, leave it to the 1D fandom to make the best of a bad sitch.

While #SaveMarinaJoyce was trending on twitter yesterday, today is all about #SaveNiallHoran, and these posts will make you feel horrible for laughing.

If you remember from Marina's posts, fans went as deep as looking in the reflection of her damn eye and found the image of a man in a ski mask. #DED.

How didn't we pick up on this earlier!?? Lolz.

We're pretty damn proud to be part of a fandom that makes so many LOLz.

But this user has really hit the nail on the head: