Selena and Bieber split (again)…

Sel unfollowed Justin on Twitter, which can only mean one thing…

Selena, Justin and Kendall

We were devastated when Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber broke up the first time. And the second time. And the third time.

Trying to keep up with their off-again/on-again relationship is exhausting.

But it seems like there’s trouble in paradise again after Selena unfollowed him on Twitter and posted cryptic tweets about being alone.

The Spring Breakers star wrote on Twitter: "Sometimes we think we aren't good enough. But then I realise when I think I'm alone I have God."

So, we’re going to read between the lines here and translate that as: “I’m single again. But that’s okay because God has my back.”

Although neither of the two are yet to break their silence on the rumoured break up, the pair were seen together as recently as last week, with Justin posting this image of the starlet on Instagram.

From this snap, we safely concluded that Sel-bie (our pet name for the two) were very much loved up.

However, the “Baby” singer was papped earlier this week having dinner with Kendall Jenner in Paris.

Biebs and Kendall did their best to keep a low profile, but being MEGA FAMOUS, were photographed leaving the restaurant and jumping in a car together. Craziness!

We all know Justin is super tight with the Kardashian crew and had his eye on Kendall way back in in 2011 – we even wrote about it then!

And it seems like The Biebs still has a soft spot for the reality TV star if the recent pics are anything to go by.

At least if he doesn’t get back together with Selena after this “break-up”, he has Kendall to keep him company.