Watch Selena Gomez get bombarded with Bella Hadid questions

Girl looks damn frazzled.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Selena Gomez bombarded with Bella Hadid questions

There's no doubt that over the next few weeks, people are going to be bombarding Selena Gomez with questions about The Weeknd and Bella Hadid at her every turn.

To be fair, it is scandalous as heck and we are so interested in this new romantic development... but Selena looked really frazzled when she was approached by paparazzi when she was leaving Italian restaurant Terroni in L.A.

A video captured by TMZ shows Selena so focused on ignoring every question thrown her way, that she even walks the wrong way trying to get to her car.

"Have you talked to Bella Hadid?" one pap yells at her. Another asked, "What do you think about Bella unfollowing you on social media?".

Of course Selena has heard everything that's gone down in the media about her new relationship, but her team came out yesterday saying that Selena doesn't feel guilty or responsible in the slightest for Bella's feelings.

"Selena is not good friends with either Gigi or Bella," a source told Us Weekly. "She knows them through other people, but they are just acquaintances. She is friendly with them, but not friends with them."

"Selena and Gigi were never fond of each other, so Selena definitely doesn't have any stipulations about hooking up with or dating Bella's ex," a second insider claimed.

We guess that explains her stone cold silence then.