Selena Gomez has a MASSIVE surprise for The Weeknd

Oh no she didn’t!

By Matt Galea
Selena Gomez has a MASSIVE surprise for The Weeknd

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd have only been a thing for a short period of time but from what we’ve seen so far, its obvi that they’re not fans of subtly!

The Weeknd whisked his GF away on a romantic vacay in Italy and he is reportedly pulling some serious strings to make sure that Sel can sit next to him at The Grammy’s, and now it’s Selena’s turn to throw a huge romantic gesture his way.

Not only is the most romantic day of the year coming up in a matter of days (AKA Valentine’s Day), but it is Abel’s 27th birthday on February 17 so Sel is apparently sparing no expense to pamper her man.

“Abel gets very excited when he talks to Selena about muscle cars and she knows it would blow his mind if she got him a new Bugatti or Aston Martin,” a source told Hollywoodlife.com.

Woooooooah, talk about a grand gesture!

Especially considering those kinds of vehicles are usually valued at around $2.6 million US buckeroos!

Money dramz aside, there is only one issue with the singer’s plan.

“She doesn’t know if purchasing a car is doing too much given the new relationship,” the source continued. And apparently although Selena’s “really into The Weeknd and wants to make him happy, she doesn’t want to scare him with such a demonstrative gift.”

Hm, that’s a good point but then again, Abel did take Sel on a lavish Italian adventure so we’d say that they’ve already got ”demonstrative gifts” covered!

“She knows she definitely wants to wow him,” says the source. And she knows that the ’Starboy’ singer “loves his cars and would no doubt love to add to his already sick collection.”

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This is actually too cute for words.

Who knew that Sel was such a romantic!?

Abel is one lucky man.