Selena Gomez FaceTimes a fan during her ‘Revival’ tour and it’s epic

Talk about sass.

By Bianca Mastroianni

We've all experienced the major #FOMO when your besties have gone to a concert and you've missed out. But that FOMO turned out to be YASS for this girl.

Can you imagine getting to FaceTime someone like SELENA GOMEZ when you're sitting at home, sad and regretful you didn't buy those tickets?

Well this girl didn't need to imagine to cause that's exactly what happened.

During her Revial tour concert over the weekend, Sel noticed a fan in the crowd on FaceTime to a friend. She swiftly retrieved the phone, and getting perfectly sassy with the fan, Seleenz asked why she didn't buy tickets to her show.

"Did you just not buy a ticket, or...?" She joked.

We can imagine the girl is still recovering from shock.

Continue to slay, Sel.