Selena Gomez made an exciting announcement with THIS photo

A picture is worth 3000 words.

By Matt Galea
The latest update on Selena Gomez's next album

What do you do at night when you can’t sleep? Scroll through IG? Watch a few eps of Pretty Little Liars? Play with your pet?

Well, when Selena Gomez can’t sleep, she writes new tunes!

On a sleepless night, the 24-year-old singer shared a selfie via her Instagram story with the caption: ”Can’t sleeeeeep. Can’t stop writing…..”

Earlier this week, kween Selena announced the exciting news that her new song, 'It Ain’t Me' will be released THIS week and if her recent IG story is anything to go by, it looks like more and more Sel songs are on the way!

"#ItAintMe. Thursday. @KygoMusic," she wrote via her Twitter account to her 46.1M followers.

The upcoming banger is a collaboration with popular Norwegian music producer, Kygo.

We srsly can’t even tell you how keen we are to hear some new Sel stuff!

Stay tuned…