This is now the most liked photo on Instagram

Sorry Biebs, time to hand back that crown. Yep the sash too.

By Amber Manto

Kween Sel has knocked her ex JB off his throne as the having the most liked picture on Instagram.

You might remember Biebs posted this TBT when he was going through that “Plz come back to me Sel, I sad” stage:

Well, he clocked up 3.7million likes make it the most liked pic on that app, but that’s nothing now as Sel has managed to score FOUR million likes with this hot-as pic of her sipping on a Coke which features her lyrics.

Anyone suddenly want a Coke? Anyways...

Sel has also beat out Kendall’s angelic loveheart pic which was the most liked Instagram of 2015 - it only has a measly 3.6million likes.

Nice work, congrats and all that. Question is, will it remain on top for the rest of the year?! Five months to go, Sel. You can do it!