Selena Gomez “posted” a photo with Niall Horan’s boy squad then deleted it

She also expressed her ~lOvE~ for “Mullingar Boys”...cough

Um, we don’t mean to be dramatic but WWWHHHHAAAAATTTTTTT IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!

sigh that’s better.

This morning (14/12) a black-and-white photograph of Selena Gomez and a bunch of kinda familiar guys appeared on Sel's Insta. Normally we’d just shrug off this as nothing. EXCEPT, these weren’t just any guys, they were actual buddies of Niall Horan.

To make this more ~sCanDaLoUs~, the caption on the photo read, “I have a serious thing for Mullingar guys…@nickyc9.” (For anyone totally lost, Mullingar is Nialler’s hometown.)

A few minutes later, the picture was deleted. GASPS

While NickyC9 probably posted the picture to be a right ol' bugger, we still think it’s kinda suspicious that Selena happened to be hanging out with Niall’s fellow Mullingar pals.

Hmm… something smells a bit fishy here and it’s not our salmon salad.

Let us know your thoughts. XOXO

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