Selena Gomez might be about to adopt JB’s no-photo policy

Exes who take stances together... well, we'll just leave that there.

By Amber Manto

Selena might be following in the steps of her ex JB and might be about to impose a no-photo policy. But unlike La Biebs, who seems to be having a bit of a meltdown at the moment because he's under a lot of pressure, Sel is worried about the safety of her fans.

She’s currently in the middle of her Revival Tour and is getting to meet many of her Selenators. However, the ~mosh pit~ crush is getting a bit much and Sel is worried.

“Meeting you guys after my shows has been such a highlight, but because your safety is priority and most important if we can't keep them contained I'll have to stop. I'll do it for as long as I can, but you matter most. Love you guys,” she captioned this Insta post.

Awww Sel, you really are a sweetheart.

And when you check out some of these other pics you can kinda understand where she's coming from.

Us fangirls all know what it's like to have your body pressed against a mental gate while someone's invading you personal space and squawking into your ear like a seagull fighting over a hot chip.

So stay safe out there, guys, or Sel might have to pull the plug on doing anymore #Groupies.