Selena Gomez pulls a Bieber, posts a pic of a ~mystery~ guy on Insta

Look away now, Niall... and Justin

By Amber Manto

While most of us were rushing around the shops last night trying to find a present for Nan that isn’t smelly soaps again, Selena was getting her stalk on, updating her Insta feed with a pic of some ~random~ but extremely good-looking young lad. There was no caption, just his breathtaking beauty staring us in the face.

He's rather exceptional, isn't he? The fandom naturally dropped what they were doing and immediately scoured the internet to find out WHO this mystical hottie is.

And, by matching his tattoos, less than an hour later the case had been cracked (you guys are really getting faster at this). His name is Christopher Mason and he's an LA-based model.

Meanwhile, before Sel posted the epic pic of this no-longer-mystery-man, she uploaded this ~fierce~ image, revealing that she was shooting with Steven Klein (the same photographer who took THOSE wheelchair pics of Kylie Jenner).

OOFT! Anwayz, we reckon (hope) she might be appearing with Christopher in this new shoot, and we for one are more excited to see these pics than a five-year-old opening presents on Christmas morning. YASS plz.

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