Selena Gomez has been posting ~cRyPtiC~ comments and the world is freaking out

We guess Justin should probs stop posting throwback pictures.

So DANG. Selena Gomez has been burning down Instagram with her ~fIrE~ responses and TBH we’re really feeling this sassy side to Sel.

In the past couple of weeks, Justin Bieber has openly admitted that he wrote three songs from "Purpose" about Queen Sel, but it seems that Hands To Myself singer isn’t really feel JB atm.

Instagram user and fellow Selenator @disneylandgomez posted an innocent photo asking her followers for help to decide which album to buy her friend: JB or 1D?

Literally 6 minutes later, the girl was in the middle of texting her friend when she saw a ~familiar~ name comment on her picture.

“Made in the AM”, the actual freaking SELENA GOMEZ commented, followed by an all-caps-yelling-typa statement, “MADE IN THE AM”.

We ded. Rip Us.

Not only did Sel comment oh-so-casually on a fan's post, but she also kinda confirmed that she’s more of a Directioner these days, which might have something to do with her rumoured relationship with Niall Horan.

Yep, this cutie pie:

So... we guess that JB should probs stop posting those random TBT pics before this gets anymore awkward.


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