Watch Selena Gomez BURST into an Aussie fan's bedroom and make her LIFE


By Sammy Stewart

PICTURE THIS: You're chilling in your room, doing your thing, listening to a bit of Selena when all of a sudden she BURSTS through your bedroom door in your actual house.

Hardcore Selena stan Sophie was recording a video for the Kyle and Jackie O Show, under the impression she was just showing off her love for Selena for an upcoming segment. Little did she know Selena freaking Gomez was actually on her way to come and visit her IN HER BEDROOM.

Goals, goals and more goals indeed.

As Sophie's singing Kill 'Em With Kindness, a real-life actual human Selena Gomez walks in the room and any remainder of chill is 3000% lost. Sel and Sophie proceeded to bond, chat and hang out like two long-time BFFs.

NGL, we cried a bit. Check it out above!