Could this be the most DISGUSTING rumour to come out of the Talvin breakup?!

Yes, we say yes.

By Amber Manto

Any break-up is messy, and when one person moves on quickly things can get even messier.

The Taylor/Calvin/Tom love triangle has taken yet another dramatic turn and it involves Tay’s BFF Selena.

Rumour has it – and we can’t emphasise the word “rumour” enough – Selena reckons she’d be a good match for her gal pal’s ex.

Yep, you read that correctly. A~source~ apparently told Life & Style Sel thinks she would make an amazing GF for Calvin.

“Selena’s told friends she believes she and Calvin would make a perfect match,” the ~insider~ says.

“She always thought Taylor just wasn’t right for him and the breakup confirmed that in her mind. She says she and Calvin would make a better couple… Selena has always had her eye on Calvin.”

Ummmm, yeah, right. First off, no and second no.

Even if we DID have something to worry about, which we are 99.9999% sure we don’t, the source went on to say Sel would never break girl code and make a move on Calvin. Probs wouldn’t matter even if she did cause another ~source~ (where do all these sources come from?!) told TMZ Calvin “believes celebs are narcissistic” and he wants to date a “normal girl”.

Alrighty then. That's about enough nonsense news we can take for one day thank you very much.